Aron Govil

Aron Govil

Aron Govil Biography

Embodying entrepreneurial excellence and turning barriers into breakthroughs, Mr. Aron Govil has gained worldwide prominence through his Ducon Group, the largest corporate group in the U.S.A. owned by a person of Indian origin. His group is involved in energy, environment, electronics& infrastructure fields globally.  

Aron Govil, Chairman of the Ducon Group, U.S.A, is a dynamic explorer of new vistas of enterprising life and has proven that the zenith of success is achievable if the Person aspiring for it continues his pursuits consistently and can always maintain his focus with a positive attitude regardless of setbacks in life.  

He holds a B.E. degree in Chemical Engineering, M.B.A. in Finance, and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. He has single-handedly built the Ducon Group from a one-person outfit to a global company that has secured over 30 patents in the most advanced technologies and has completed over 40,000 industrial and utility projects worldwide

Aron Govil has produced, financed, and even himself directed many Bollywood and Hollywood films. Mr. Govil has recently written a book on the state of politics in the U.S.A. His group company has been ranked among the top 50 companies by Long Island Business news. It has also been ranked as the leading Indian-owned company in the U.S.A. by News India Times based on annual revenue.  

He has been honored by USPAACC with the Excellence Award for his outstanding achievements in Business & Entrepreneurship. In addition, He has been named among the 25 most influential Indians in North America by Global Indian Organization and Person of the Year by G.I. magazine.